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Antonio & Barbara Garcia Pet Sitter

Antonio & Barbara Garcia
GBA Pet Services

Antonio and Barbara are animal lovers who own and operate GBA Pet Service in Polk County. They started GBA Pet Services 7 years ago when friends and senior citizens in Midland Texas were in need of a good reliable pet sitter due to a medical emergency or cancellation of their assigned caregiver.

It was routine that people would just drop their fur babies at their house during the day, overnight or extended stay visits to play with their rescue pup Nala a 5 yr old Shih Tzu. Nala (AKA Nalita) she runs things in their house, that is why she is the CEO.

Besides, Nala the Garcia’s welcomed their other 2nd rescue pup Wyatt who is a 8yr old special needs Shih Tzu. He is the CFO. Yes, each one of our pups has a title. They are very well loved and cherished in other words SPOILED.

In November of 2015, Antonio and Barbara stepped out on “Faith” after many years of working in the oilfield service and customer service fields to start GBA Pet Service full time. They are blessed to be part of this industry.

Dogs are not the only pets that Antonio and Barbara have cared for. They love cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and bottle-feed white tail deer in a private nursery on a ranch.

Antonio and Barbara understand the many needs to care for your fur baby. Whether your fur baby suffers from anxiety or needs medication, GBA Pet Service have experienced by offering personalized pet care services.

They are members of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, Committee Members, and Pet CPR & First Aid Certified through Pet Tech. Antonio is certified in canine communication through body behavior observation and interpretation through Catch Canine Trainers Academy.

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